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Southern California


CoolWall in Orange, CA

So Cal Contractors And Remodeling Inc. is a trusted retailer of COOLWALL exterior coating. Homes and businesses in Orange, CA trust us when it comes to applying COOLWALL to the side of their building. COOLWALL uses a patented, revolutionary technology that helps make homes more energy efficient. By choosing COOLWALL, you can save on your electric bill by insulating your home and reducing the amount of energy you use on air conditioning.

Staying Cool Has Never Been More Affordable

COOLWALL uses the same heat reflective technology that the military uses to minimize the heat signature of vehicles. When your home or building is coated with COOLWALL, it absorbs heat from the sun, and reflects that heat outward. The temperature of your exterior walls is lowered, which in turn, lowers your interior temperature, and reduces the need for your air conditioning system. Learn more about this state-of-the-art technology that can save you a bundle on cooling costs. Call So Cal Contractors And Remodeling Inc. in Orange, CA today.


Pavers and Fire Pit

Adding pavers and some landscape can increase the aesthetics of our back yard making it more enjoyable!